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Annual Contracts

Infestations can often start unnoticed for the untrained eye and can escalate quickly into running havoc on both your business or property. Having an annual contract in place can help you mitigate those risk. Our RSPH trained technicians will monitor the property all year round and will spot any signs of an infestations early on and can address them before they escalate. 

More economical


In most cases, having a contract in place will work out cheaper than scheduling individual call-outs

to cover an infestation. Any visits to we conduct in regards to the pests that are covered in the contract will be of no extra charge to you - either if they have been spotted by us on a routine inspection or by yourself in between the visits.


On top of that you also benefit from a special 20% discount on any call-outs or treatments for pests outside the scope of your contract. 

Tailored to your needs


Every property or business site is different and will need different level of coverage for their contract. We will conduct a free site survey to assess which pests are most likely to occur and determine how many regular inspections we would recommend for your property before we provide you with an obligation-free quotation for our 12 month contract, which can be paid quarterly or annually. 

Should you move premises or house, we are happy to port the contract to the new site subject to a free site survey. 

Continuous monitoring and reporting

An annual contract with Mice and Men Pest Control provides ease of mind for you that any infestation will be spotted early and dealt with promptly. The visits will be scheduled at time and date that suits you and we will be in touch at least 7 days in advance to confirm the next visit with you.


We guarantee that it will be the same technician carrying out the routine inspections at your property. We will provide you with a full written report and up-to-date bait maps after each visit and will be in touch promptly should we need to schedule additional visits to deal with an infestation.


You can call us for general advice during our business hours, but we will also provide a number for emergency call-outs. 

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