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Birds & other Wildlife

There are many types of crawling insects and while some are only a nuisance, many can pose a health risk. Insects' bites and stings can cause pain and swelling, but they can also transmit diseases. 

Below is an overview of common insect infestations we can treat for you quickly and efficiently. 

birds pigeons solar panel proofing moles rabbits


Moles themselves do not cause any harm, but they can certainly make a mess of your lawn or golf course. They dig up to 4m of tunnel per hour, so can create a big tunnel system very quickly. Doing so they can not only damage roots of young plants, but also bring up stones and debris, which can damage machinery. 


Not only a nuisance because of their droppings, pigeons can be a serious health hazard by spreading diseases such as salmonella or tuberculosis. Often, various methods of bird proofing will sort the problem, in some situation we would recommend culling instead. 

Bird Proofing

Most often, prevention is the best solution. We can offer various methods of professional bird proofing at competitive pricing -  ranging from bird netting or spiking to specialist solar panel proofing. 

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