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Crawling Insects

There are many types of crawling insects or arachnides and while some are only a nuisance, many can pose a health risk. Insects' bites and stings can cause pain and swelling, but they can also transmit diseases. 

Below is an overview of common insect infestations we can treat for you quickly and efficiently. 

Crawling insect pest control


Ants are small and social insects that live in nests and form a continual route from a food source to their nest. Common ants in the UK are the Garden or Black Ant or the Pharao Ant. The latter shouldn't be treated with residual insecticides as it can makes matters worse. 

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are surprisingly common nocturnal insects feeding on human or mammal blood. Signs of an infestation are mottled shells, small blood spots on your bedding and small black faecal matter. 

An infestation can easily spread to other premises and needs immediate treatment. 

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle larvae feed on natural fibres in homes such as wool carpets or clothes. They are often mistaken for bed bugs, but whilst an infestation can be costly in the damage done to your furnishings, luckily they are no risk to your health. 


Cockroaches are very tough, nocturnal insects that can breed rapidly and are known to spread diseases such as salmonella, dysentery or gastro-enteritis. Signs of infestation are egg cases and small, peppercorn-like droppings which emit a strong smell. An infestation requires immediate professional treatment. 


Fleas are a common problem, especially if you or a previous owner of your property have had pets. Common signs are small bites and seeing pets scratching. Fleas can lie dormant for long periods, so professional treatment is recommended.


Mites are a very large family of extremely tiny arachnides (so not really an insect) and you usually won't notice them until there is an infestation, when you start seeing them in large numbers on surfaces and walls. A professional will be able to tell which type of mite is present and treat these accordingly. 


Silverfish are nocturnal insects that thrive in damp areas such as bathrooms or under the kitchen sink. They like to feed on sugars and carbs such as cereals - but are also known to be chewing on books, wallpapers or clothes. They are harmless to humans or pets, but will breed if left untreated.


Woodlice rarely settle inside a home and the odd one can easily be hoovered up when as you see them. However, should you see them in large numbers or they have settled in damp or humid areas, you should seek professional help. 


Furniture beetles lay their eggs on unpolished wood, where the grubs will drill straight into, leading to the characteristic neat round holes that are often accompanied by tiny piles of wood dust beneath them. They can infest floorboards and joinery or structural timbers, so should be treated immediately. 

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